Recruitment Process

Abravia provides you a transparent and simple process of recruitment that we do in oder to ensure a high quality experience for our candidates, and in the same time to ensure the professional level of candidates for the jobs we offer.

How do you select our candidates?

  1. Offers placement on the web site. Once we have a new job offer you can find it on our web page. There will be all the information you need about your potential employer: work time, salary, requirements for job, company description, job period, facilities and so on.
  2. CV subscription and selection. If there is a offer that perfectly suits your skills and expectations then you can apply online by completing the application form and attaching your personal CV.  Our HR team will analyze your CVs and select the best ones for future steps.
  3. Phone Call Interviews. Our team will contact by the phone the best CVs in order to check your information and put some additional questions to be sure in quality of the information you have provided.
  4. Live interviews. The candidates who will pass the first 3 steps will be invited for the live interviews with Abravia HR professionals and HR manager of the employer company.
  5. Training courses. All the selected candidates will have the opportunity to pass a training course for qualification in the field of work the person was selected for.
  6. Documents preparations. Abravia is 100% responsible for delivering you all the documents for legal work and traveling to United Arabian Emirates. We will take care about your Visa, labor agreement and air ticket.
  7. Full time assistance. Abravia will take as an honor to help you in any challenges you can meet during your labor agreement time.  You can feel free to call as and ask for any help you may need.

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